Portland junk removal & Hauling Services

Let Metro HaulAway handle your junk removal and hauling needs in Portland. We remove unwanted debris from homes, offices, construction sites, and more. Trust our friendly team for professional junk and debris removal services.


We do trash removal in timely manner, so you won’t have problems with trash.


Our junk hauling service is based on how quickly and efficiently we can recycle materials.


If the junk is comprised of all wood, yard waste, rock, brick, brush, tree, stumps, dirt, or concrete we can recycle the waste at a top soil recycling center.

Our team

Our team consists of people who care about environment and cleanliness. Every team member showed themselves as responsible and accurate person. Hauling services Portland

What we take

Portland junk removal

We collect paper, plastic, beverage cartons, white and colored glass, wood, textile etc. We care about environment and use recycle trash. Junk removal Portland.

Areas we serve

Service Area

We work all over Portland, and also we serve such cities  as Beaverton, Forest Grove, Hilsboro, Lake Oswego and others.

Let Metro HaulAway help with your Property clean out or debris Removal


Portland Junk Removal

We  Service the Portland and surrounding Areas. Let Metro HaulAway remove your unwanted Junk. 

Metro Haulaway is your local Portland junk removal company dedicated to helping you reclaim your space. Our trained technicians will remove any unwanted junk or debris from your home, garage, yard, and more. We specialize in hauling away furniture, appliances, construction materials, yard waste, and anything else you need removed. With our convenient full-service junk removal, we do all the lifting and loading for you. Trust Metro Haulaway to declutter your property quickly and efficiently, leaving your space clean and clutter-free

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